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The fates of business and society are inextricably linked: one cannot succeed without the other.  Businesses need to work together and with government to build safer, stronger, more resilient and therefore sustainable communities across Scotland. These are the only communities which can in turn provide the resources, employees and customers necessary for sustainable businesses.  

In 2016, The Scottish National Action Plan for Responsible Business (SNAP-RB) was launched.  It brought together leaders of global, national and local businesses in Scotland with government, for the benefit of all in society. This then resulted in the creation of Scotland Leadership Groups, each named after their areas of focus.  Working closely with BITC Scotland staff and our Advisory Board, the collective mission of the Leadership Groups is “to improve the lives of families affected by poverty through the collective actions of employers in Scotland."

We currently convene three Leadership Groups in Scotland:  Education, Work and Ideas and Innovation.


The Education Leadership Group is helping ensure all children and adults can access education and skills support so they can get a good job, build a career, and stay in work as they get older.

Education affects everyone and every business. It is in the interest of every employer to ensure that their future workforce has the skills and attitudes they need to thrive in the workplace, and that lifelong learning equips workers for changes and supports progression.


The Work Leadership Group is supporting organisations to build teams that are diverse, with staff that are encouraged to have a say and to learn and develop. This in turn helps organisations to be more successful and have a positive impact in their communities. We want to:

  • Help people get the first foot on the ladder of employment (preparing people to be job ready)
  • Support people to get up the career ladder (providing the pathway/progression to a good job)
  • Reduce systemic barriers which prevent businesses benefiting from everyone (eg unconscious bias, jargon-filled job descriptions, application processes and requirements)
  • Help an aging population to stay in good work longer

Work is central to our economy – every business needs employees, and every person can make a positive contribution to society, often through their work. All businesses are employers, as are charities, social enterprises, public services and governments. Employers are currently looking a low unemployment numbers, skills gaps or misalignments, a rapidly changing economic landscape and the need to have a solid pipeline of talent and diversity to ensure their business survives and grows.


The issues we face today need different solutions – ones that take new and combined perspectives on challenges and utilises new experiences and skills to overcome them. That is what the Innovation and Ideas Leadership Group does, it is striving to do things in new and better ways ensures that Scotland can compete in the global economy with new jobs created, and that we can adapt to big changes such as Brexit and the digital age.

How the Leadership Group model works

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