Mercure Convention Centre, Ancol, Jakarta - Green Hotelier Awards winner – Responsible Hotel of the Year 2018

The winner of the Green Hotelier Awards 2018, with the highest overall score is the Mercure Convention Center Ancol. Mercure Convention Center (MCC) is a 44 years old hotel with 436 rooms. They demonstrated high levels of commitment and strong sustainability programmes across all judging categories (carbon, water, waste, workplace, communication) and are an exemplar of responsible business in the hotel industry.

The hotel was also the winner of the GH Awards category for water.  Based in a city which struggles to supply water to all its inhabitants, the Mercure Convention Centre is actively working with local government to ensure more water of high quality is available locally. They ceased drawing from their well, engaged experts and undertook a comprehensive audit, installing meters across the property, training staff, checking weekly for leaks, adding efficiency measures and re-using greywater. They’ve achieved a water saving of 51% in six years and 10% costs against an increase of 7% on revenue. And they’ve helped over 7,300 local people access more and better water. A truly impressive commitment to water stewardship.
MCC has been very committed to improving energy efficiency and sustainability over the past three years. They have a clear roadmap from management and shareholders on energy and carbon footprint reduction by 2020. The plan is working and they’ve achieved a reduction of 3.7% electric consumption despite a 10% yearly activity growth since 2016.

MCC is also working on reducing waste. Among more than 2000 similar buildings, MCC has been selected as one of ten pilot projects, engaged with the Jakarta government on improving hazardous waste management (workshop, audits, test reporting system). This initiative includes a close partnership with the Indonesian ministry of environment. The hotel also implemented a food waste programme with specific recipes to cut back on food waste and donating left over food to charity via the food rescue programme with local NGO Emmanuel. By installing grease traps they have achieved a reduction of 33% grease and oil in the effluents over the last two years.

Mercure Convention Center Ancol works with staff, stakeholders and guests to communicate and act on sustainability at every level, which is why the judges at Green Hotelier had no hesitation in naming them Responsible Hotel of the Year 2018.

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