Castell Howell Foods – The Green Team

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Business benefits
Winner - The Dwr Cymru Environment Award
  • New lighting installation in the goods warehouse produces an annual saving of just over £10,000
  • Removing cardboard boxes and using re-usable crates saves approximately £35,000 a year
  • Generated a new income stream through a partner recycling organisation, creating around £22,000 a year

Castell Howell Foods is Wales’ largest independent food wholesaler with a fleet and brand that is recognised across the length and breadth of the nation. Castell Howell is a proud Welsh business with strong rural and community connections throughout its supply chain. As a result of these relationships – and its heritage in West Wales – environmental sustainability is a key priority for the business. 

Castell Howell’s Green Team initiative has the unwavering support of senior business leaders and a company-wide remit to reduce the environmental impact of all operations. Originally the business tended towards a focus on waste, but in recent years – since the creation of the Green Team in 2013 – this commitment has been expanded into administrative, storage and fleet operations.  

Having a structured, team-led approach to all environmental and sustainability matters means that Castell Howell can truly make company-wide changes and ensure these are carried through. Many of the initiatives are now standard operating procedures within the business and the Team are continually looking for new opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of all the company’s operations.

The Green Team’s work is underpinned by vast amounts of data, captured by managers and senior leaders, ranging from the tyre pressure levels of fleet vehicles through to the habits of drivers. By looking at the data which existed, the Green Team quickly established a series of small – but impactful – initiatives which were going to be incredibly useful for the business.

However, without the support of the senior leadership – who all backed the Green Team – the implementation of these ideas would not have been possible. From reducing paper use, to eliminating cardboard boxes; from the installation of LED lighting, to incentivising good driver behaviour – it all requires every aspect of the business to be on board in order to be successful.

It is the accessibility of the solutions combined with the leadership from the top of the business that makes Castell Howell Foods the well-deserving winner of the Dŵr Cymru Environment Award 2018.

Wider benefits
  • New lighting installations have collectively removed over 60 tonnes of carbon from various operations
  • Over 2 million sheets of paper have been taken out of circulation within the business
  • Using recycled water in the lorry wash saves 60% on clean water consumption