Moneypenny - Mind the Gap

Good for business
GE Aviation Wales Inspiring Young Talent Award, 2017, Shortlisted
  • New business – promotion of the Mind the Gap initiative has opened up discussions with new clients, who want to work with a responsible, forward-thinking company
  • Employee engagement – 30 existing members of staff were trained as mentors for the programme, but over 70 applied with more on a waiting list to take part
  • Built relationships – Mind the Gap has led to an increased public profile locally in Wales and beyond, with it being cited in communications with political stakeholders and decision makers

Moneypenny, headquartered in Wrexham, is one of the UK’s largest telephone answering / outsourced switchboard services, helping more companies than many other provides efficiently manage their telephony with customers and clients. 

Mind the Gap

The responsibility to “mind the gap” (whether that be in terms of security, welfare, confidence or aspirations) of trainees and prospective employees sits at the heart of Moneypenny’s work. Named for this idea, the Mind the Gap programme is how Moneypenny extends its recruitment beyond the usual pipeline of candidates and makes employment opportunities available to those furthest from the labour market. 

Moneypenny’s holistic approach to recruitment looks at the whole person – not just the CV that some are able to readily produce and tailor to each job application. Mind the Gap is aimed at individuals who are hardest to reach in terms of recruitment and who may not have a CV ready to hand. By working in partnership with sector stakeholders, care groups, probation organisations, hostels, women’s aid and mental health charities Moneypenny looks at potential and gives individuals an opportunity to showcase their attitude and what they can do. Mind the Gap breaks down formal barriers to employment and looks at the transferable skills – and personality – that people could bring into their business. Through a combination of outdoor experiences, discovery days, CV and employability workshops, work placements and structure learning with local colleges, Moneypenny creates an open and transparent recruitment process that young women who may not have been able to engage with formal structures can be part of.

Moneypenny’s culture underpins the Mind the Gap programme which is engaging colleagues, building relationships with stakeholders and prospective new clients and making employment a possibility for women who may otherwise not be able to find a sustainable job.

What Moneypenny’s Managing Director said:

“Our approach to recruitment has always been based on attitude. However we realise that for some vulnerable young women there is no opportunity to show us that attitude. By extending our approach to those furthest from employment we harness our values and skills, in particular “treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves” to help them grow, be inspired and get hired. It’s the right thing to do in our community.”Joanna Swash, Managing Director, Moneypenny 

Good for society
  • New experiences – since implementation, 28 young women have been inspired to take part in stretching personal challenges and develop their employment skills
  • Work placements – over 100 work placements have been delivered across 5 different kinds of employment, with 17 participants now in full time work and 2 studying at University
  • Open recruitment – working with partner organisations has resulted learnings from care and probation organisations being fed back into the business and changing the recruitment processes