Business must be a part of the solution to the climate emergency

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, 2 May 2019

Last weekend the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, declared a climate emergency during her speech at the SNP conference in Edinburgh.

Today the Climate Change Committee recommended Scotland should have a more ambitious target to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, five years before the rest of the UK. They did so on the basis of evidence that shows Scotland has a greater potential for removing pollution from its economy.

Alan Thornburrow, Scotland director at Business in the Community, said:

“Business has a vital role to play in our solution to this clear climate emergency. Through innovation and collaboration with other businesses, government and civil society I believe that we can achieve the ambitious targets set out in the Climate Change Committee Report today.

“I encourage every business in Scotland to rise to this challenge and look forward to working closely with our members to help meet this ambitious target.”

Gudrun Cartwright, environment director at Business in the Community, said:

"So, we have now agreed that there is an emergency and we need to act immediately. While the target date is 2050, it is vital to remember that this is the absolute limit. Each year that we stall makes it less likely we will get there. The suggestions of yearly reductions in carbon emissions implies a slow, steady, path. The reality is that we will only achieve the end goal through spending the little that is left of our carbon budget on putting in place the infrastructure and systems we need to live well in a zero-carbon world.

"The findings from our Responsible Business Tracker, released this week, showed that businesses do not yet fully comprehend the existential threat that the dual challenges of climate change and environmental degradation present to business models, communities that we live in and our own hopes for an enjoyable retirement and watching our children and grandchildren flourish.

"Businesses must now lead the way by using the opportunities given by this emergency to create new products and services, change systems and processes, inspire and engage new talent and find new markets and customers through showing they are part of the solution, not adding to the problem."

Jonathan Kini, chair of Business in the Community's newly established Net Zero Carbon Taskforce and chief executive of Drax Retail, says:

"I am looking forward to working closely with Government and other businesses to find innovative ways to enable us to collectively achieve the UK Climate Change Committee’s recommendations as quickly as possible. Their advice today drives home the message that business needs to act at speed and scale to deliver a sustainable future for all of us. I am excited by the challenge and looking forward to the opportunities that we can unlock for UK PLC.”


Notes to editor

Business in the Community has developed a Responsible Business map and associated tracker that aligns with the UN Global Goals.

Read the Climate Change Committee Report.

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