Workshop: Getting Started with Diversity - Birmingham


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Birmingham - details will be sent on booking B4

This workshop will cover key diversity issues, the business case and ways to get started on diversity and inclusion in your organisation.

A variety of data sources tell us that we are uncomfortable to talk about race, religion and social grade issues at work. Yet, we know that just such unresolved issues are responsible for why employers still struggle to create a more diverse workforce.

Aim of workshop
This session explores these generally avoided diversity issues. It aims to raise awareness of key diversity issues, raise awareness of the business case, and outline some key ways in which to get started on diversity and inclusion in your organisation. The training draws from Business in the Community's Race at Work, the largest research about the experiences of BAME in the workplace, BITC Diversity benchmark data and data from Harvard’s Implicit Association Test amongst other sources. Participants take part in real-life scenario exercises and focus discussions. This makes a very direct link between the issues discussed and the context in which participants work.

Diversity and Inclusion Managers/Champions, Line Managers, HR Professionals

Please note this workshop is for BITC Gender, Age and Race Partners and BITC Members only (one credit for two people). If you have not yet renewed your membership onto BITC's new proposition, this is included in your current membership fee.

Details for further information
Please contact Florence Hughes, Events & Awards Coordinator, for more information. 


Full joining instructions will be sent before the event.