Digital Deep Dive Workshop: Developing a framework for resilient urban and rural environments

January 11, 2018 Amanda Skeldon

Venue: Central London

 Date & time: 10:00 – 16:30 (with refreshments available from 09:30), Wednesday 7th March 2018  


The effective use of shared data and new technologies can revolutionize decision making and long-range planning for businesses. It can provide greater insight into the challenges and drive digital transformation of business models that support resilient environments.


The natural environment is vital to the success of many businesses; from sustainable water and energy supplies, to food and natural resources. Understanding and managing the importance of the natural environment to your business is essential to ensuring the long-term stability of supply chains, transport, tourism and rural and urban economies. The business consequences of ignoring the impact on the natural environment are rising costs, reduced availability quality of resources and the impact that has on business growth.


Business in the Community, in partnership with Anglian Water and Capgemini, are facilitating a deep dive workshop to develop the foundations for business collaboration that will supports long term environmental and business sustainability. Working at Capgemini’s state of the art Accelerated Solution Environment, pioneers in the management of natural assets, environmental business sustainability along with data management and digital technology specialists will discuss how shared data and emerging technologies can provide solutions to the challenges businesses face as a result of climate change and the degradation and exploitation of natural capital.


This practical workshop will inform a report that identifies clear recommendations for government and business and a framework for action which will be presented during Responsible Business Week. We would like to invite you to bring your expertise and business perspectives to the table and inform this framework for action.  


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